Things to Do on the Kenai Peninsula

Soldotna and the Kenai Peninsula is a great little community to visit year-round with plenty to do Summer or Winter. Often named the playground of Alaska. The Kenai is most definitely the place to escape your day to day grind and experience the best of Alaska.

Float the river in a pontoon

Whether you want to sit back and enjoy the float or motor to the perfect fishing spot or build your confidence as an oarsman and learn to navigate the Kenai River.

Taking a pontoon trip could be an adventure for you.

Sea Kayak

One of the most scenic cities on Kachemak Bay, Homer, AK offers a wealth of things to see and do and is only an hour and a half south of the property. You can explore Kachemak Bay, which is one of the richest marine estuaries in the world by boat or sea kayak on a tour or at your own leisure with True North Kayak Adventure’s

Backpack / Camp

There are many incredible, breath taking, and well-maintained hiking trails that can be taken just a short drive north to Cooper Landing or south toward Homer. Shekinah has hiked almost everywhere on the Kenai Peninsula and is always ready to share in a hiking adventure with her guests.

Bike Trails

Biking/hiking back to the Russian River to fish a less crowded spot is a favorite among a lot of guests. The views are amazing and the fishing is always off the charts. Fat tire bikes, fishing tackle and gear, as well as boats can be rented from Alaska Boat Rentals Just be sure and tell Jim Voss, Shekinah sent you!

Fly Fish

Imagine being on the Kenai River, a fly rod in your hand, a cool river breeze on your face, the feel of the rushing water between your legs, gripping the shoreline while you cast that line out and Wham! You land a beautiful Kenai River sockeye salmon or large rainbow trout! Nothing says peace and solace like fly-fishing on the river.

Catch Silvers

When the July crowds are gone and the fishing season starts to die down, there is always the fun of fighting monster silvers in August – the best time of year to visit the Kenai Peninsula. Not only is there still nearly 20 hours of daylight, but the weather warm and the fishing is still hot.

Observe dip netters

Dip netting is a “sport” that attracts tens of thousands of Alaskan residents each summer—all intent on putting healthy protein in the freezer for the coming winter. For visitors, it’s great fun to watch. Shekinah is more than willing to demonstrate what dip netting along the beach is all about, just ask for more details.

Boat across the Cook inlet and kayak/explore the shoreline

Across the inlet is a majestic natural beauty that has been virtually untouched by most visitors and local Alaskans alike. A five-hour boat trip leaving from the Kenai docks, heading south and across the inlet will bring you to a magical place to kayak along the shore with fossils millions of years old, glaciers, waterfalls & bears. Ask Shekinah for more details.

Float down the Kenai River in a drift boat

The beauty of taking a leisurely float down the Kenai is you can pick which section to float (Upper, Middle, Lower). The Upper section has world-renowned trout fishing. The Middle section provides a more populated approach with excellent Sockeye/Coho salmon fishing. The Lower river offers a shot at reeling in a trophy Chinook salmon!

Explore Waterfalls

Hawaii is well known for its variety of waterfalls across the islands, but many locals and visitors alike are unaware of the plethora of beautiful and secluded falls that paint the landscape on the Kenai Peninsula. If waterfalls are a natural attraction you wish to see, Shekinah can direct you to many.

Explore Glaciers

Many visitors congregate to Alaska in hopes of catching a glacier before they “melt” off and the changing climate forever prevents access to diminishing masses of ice that helped shape much of the Alaskan landscapes we know and love today. Portage Valley is a fantastic access point to hike the glaciers, explore ice caves, and see icebergs.

Explore Lakes

With 7 different single man boats to choose from, guests can access and experience the hundreds of lakes across the Kenai Peninsula. Many of these lakes are stocked with lake trout and are a fun, low impact way to spend a warm Alaskan afternoon. Shekinah can provide you with more information to help you plan your lake exploration.

Hunt for Fossils

Across the inlet is a majestic natural beauty that has been virtually untouched by most visitors and local Alaskans alike. A boat trip heading south and across the inlet will bring you to a magical place to kayak along shore with fossils millions of years old, glaciers, waterfalls, bears, whales and some of the most magnificent scenery you could see. These trips are available upon inquiry and with advance notice of months but not if you choose to book a trip across the Inlet with Shekinah at Kenai River Chrome Chasers!

Enjoy a Beach Day

There are many beach access points from Nikiski to Homer. Enjoy a peaceful walk through a secluded and beautiful estuary ripe with birdlife—or have a ringside seat at the annual salmon dip netting extravaganza, featuring hordes of crazed locals armed with 10-foot poles. Fly a kite, hunt for agates, or just soak up the sun. Shekinah will happily share her knowledge to help make your beach day the best it can be.